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A digital presence is so vast and far-reaching that it can be nearly impossible to keep it consistent and effective. Let us help you win digitally with our varied services.

Website Development

We get your business online with a custom website that legitimizes your company and turns browsers into buyers.

Content Creation

We develop engaging video content that generates greater awareness and engagement for your products & services.

Lead Generation

We deliver qualified leads to drive up sales helping your local small business become more profitable.

Research tells us that 70–80% of potential customers research a business online before ever visiting their location, reaching out, or buying from them.

Don't Take Our Word For It...Check Out This Case Study From One Of Our Clients

BGH is a digital health company that helps every day minority women make well informed decisions that improves their health. In 2019, they partnered with The SMP Creative Group to take advantage of our full suite of services in preparation for their annual Kickstart Health and Wellness Expo.


Website Development

BGH was in need of an interactive website with responsive design that provided a seamless user experience across varied devices (mobile, laptop, desktop) and browsers (Chrome, Safari, IE).  

The website served as the informational hub for various aspects of their Kickstart Health and Wellness conference (speakers, scheduling, location), the transactional hub for ticketing purchases, and the re-marketing hub for Facebook and Instagram targeted marketing. 

We were able to use WordPress to deliver a clean and engaging visual experience that increased conversions through clear cut and consistent “Buy Tickets” call to action throughout the site.  The content was visually stimulating and easy to read with  significantly stronger menu navigation geared specifically towards their intended target markets (attendees, vendors, sponsors). 

Content Creation

Being a digital health company, BGH relied heavily on video content to generate awareness and engagement for the Kickstart Health and Wellness conference. 

Engaging video content was at the core of their successful social media marketing efforts in year’s past and they wanted it to remain the same in the new year.  

We developed several interactive videos to raise awareness and generate engagement using motion graphics, animation and video production techniques. Over a 30 day span, the featured event response and conversion video reached 30,123 people, resulting in 11,438 Thruplays (watched in its entirety), resulting in 1,010 conversions. 

Digital Marketing

For the Kickstart Health and Wellness Conference, our lead generation efforts resulted in 331, 526 impressions, 108,582 people reached, 4,045 link clicks, and 734 conversions (ticket purchases) at a cost of $1.30/click and a $7 cost per conversion. Ticket prices were $75.

The goal was to more efficiently move leads from awareness of the event to engagement with the website or Facebook event resulting in a ticket purchase.

The awareness and engagement stage was used to promote the event to a cold audience with the express purpose of getting them to take a call to action. The call to action was to visit the website or respond to the event Facebook page. This was important because it gave us a core group of people to retarget either through pixeling (from the website) or directly as interested parties from the event page.

The action stage was used in the last month of our social media marketing efforts. We retargeted everyone who had visited the website and responded to the event page with a call to action to buy tickets.

93% of online experiences begin with a search engine, and 47% of people click on one of the first three listings (SEJ, 2016)

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